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 I have found on Christian Forums the following dialogue, which I want to share with my friends:

Neogaia777 said: 

Here’s my problem, I believe in evolution, and it brings up doubts especially in the OT… were the OT writers simply writing what they „thought” and the way they „felt” about God, and not in an actual words God actually said…
[…] Anyone help? God Bless!

Justatruthseeker replies:

Accept the observational evidence and your problems will resolve themselves.

Asian mates with Asian and produces ONLY Asian. African mates with African and produces ONLY African. Only when Asian and African mate is variation seen within the species or Kind. The Asian does not evolve into the Afro-Asian nor does the African evolve into the Afro-Asian. Husky mates with Husky and produces ONLY Husky. Mastiff mates with Mastiff and produces ONLY Mastiff. Only when Husky and Mastiff mate is variation seen within the species or Kind. The Husky does not evolve into the Chinook nor does the Mastiff evolve into the Chinook. Brown bears mate with Brown bears and produce ONLY Brown bears, Bottle-nosed dolphin mate with Bottle-nosed dolphin and produce ONLY Bottle-nosed dolphin, This is true for every animal in existence.

The problem lies in interpretation. If evolutionists had never seen a dog and knew nothing about them and found fossils of the Mastiff and Husky and then later in the layer found fossils of the Chinook, they would insist that either the Husky or the Mastiff evolved into the Chinook. We know from direct observation this is not what occurred, even if the Chinook appears later in the record. Worse yet, they would insist the Husky, Mastiff and Chinook were all separate species – simply because their appearances were different. Just as they have done in the fossil record.


Ceratopsia are no different than these: dog-variations
Merely different infraspecific taxa in the species or Kind to which they belong – not separate species. They have simply ignored the observational evidence when it came time to classify the fossil record and have incorrectly classified 90% of the creatures that existed as separate species.
Theistic evolution starts from the same incorrect assumptions in their desire to feel they are practicing science – when evolution has no basis in science to begin with – but is based upon the requirement that we ignore all observational evidence of how life propagates and variation occurs within the species.

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